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What We Offer


Our product selection can help with chronic pain, inflammation pain, skeletal and internal muscle spasms, anxiety, can inhibit the growth of cancer and tumor cells, reduce & prevent nausea and is an excellent anti-inflammatory.


THC is used for nausea, seizure disorders, muscle spasms, and fighting tumor and cancer cells, stimulating bone growth, relaxation, and inflammation. It also helps stimulate appetite, a sleep aid and more.

Medical Marijuana Card - Doctor Appointments

We are taking appointments for new medical marijuana card holder appointments and renewals every week for your convenience.

Oxygen Treatments

Our high altitude can leave some feeling out of breath and run down. Come down and get a treatment or take a can of Boost Oxygen to-go!

Pet Wellness

Our furry families health is just as important as our own. We offer a wide variety of pet wellness supplies as well as the knowledge to help your companions feel better and thrive.

Wellness Consulting

Your health and wellness is the key to your happiness and quality of life. So many suffer without the knowledge to heal themselves. We aim to change that.

Community Involvement

We pride ourselves on our involvement in the community and strive to do our part to enrich the lives of all of our customers and patients. We believe in teamwork and know that each impact we make will ripple into more acts of kindness.

THCU Higher Wellness Centers
Proudly serving Trinidad's Cannabis Consumers & Colorado state MMJ Patients since 2014.
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